New Innovative & Engaging Tech Tools for SAISD Teachers & Students

We are very happy to announce truly transformational tech tools now available to all SAISD teachers and students. The first, Nearpod, is a flexible, adaptable lesson delivery tool that engages students by incorporating 3D, virtual field trips, video, and more all while making it easy for teachers to assess within a system. In addition to creating your own lessons in Nearpod, teachers can also access a wealth of pre-built content in a variety of topics and grade levels. All teachers K-12 have access to Nearpod already and are able to sign in with their Office 365 SAISD email. To learn more visit or watch the video below.

The second tool that we are really excited about is Seesaw, an interactive electronic portfolio for students. By using Seesaw, students are able to document their learning in a variety of ways including text, drawing, photo, and video. Teachers are able to provide feedback and track student learning and growth. Seesaw also makes it easy to engage and communicate with parents. To learn more about Seesaw, visit or watch the video below.

If you are interested in PD in either of these tools, please contact The Educational Technology and Design department or schedule your training here. Schedule Training